Ronaldo's career - about the most famous football player

Ronaldo’s career

The most famous football's player in the word

The name of Cristiano Ronaldo is forever inscribed in the history of world football. Many aspiring footballers would like to have a career as amazing as that of Ronaldo’s career.


Literally everyone knows about this talented football player, but they are especially proud of him in Portugal, as he is considered the top scorer their national team. He has changed several clubs during Ronaldo’s career, and in this article we will take a closer look at his path in professional football until today.

ronaldo's career


Cristiano was born in Portugal on February 5, 1985. His middle name — Ronaldo — the future star of world football received in honor of the 40th US President Ronald Reagan. He became the fourth and youngest child in the family.

Today Ronaldo fondly recalls his childhood years and says that it was a difficult time, but parents did everything possible for the happiness of their children. The family did not live well, since his father was a simple gardener, and his mother was a cook. Nevertheless, they tried to live amicably, loved each other deeply and especially took care of the youngest Ronaldo. After all, it was a special “late gift” for the whole family.

The future star began to enjoy football from an early age. Already at the age of 2-3, Cristiano began to play with the ball and since then has not parted with him. Today, this first ball in the family is kept as a relic.


By the age of six, his passion for football had become a real passion. And the first serious training began at the age of 8 as part of the Andorinha youth club, where his father worked at that time as an administrator. A few years later, the athlete moved to Nacional, and then to Sporting.

Already in adulthood, Cristiano recalled more than once that as a child he was only interested in football. Neither a bicycle, nor a set-top box, nor a computer carried away for a long time. And instead of doing homework, he often chased the ball with friends, running through the bedroom window. They even played during school lunch breaks, so the young athlete literally had to be forced to eat.

Of course, young Cristiano took part in other school activities, but in reality he was only interested in football. If there was no real ball nearby, he even managed to make it on his own using improvised means.

However, when Ronaldo was 15 years old, Ronaldo’s career in football was in jeopardy. The young athlete was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, which means that serious stress could be forgotten. However, Cristiano underwent surgery, and he was able to continue playing.


The path in professional football began for Cristiano in 2001. He made his debut as a forward for FC Sporting. At the same time, the athlete played in the Portuguese national youth team.

The turning point in Ronaldo’s career happened when, at the age of 18, he was noticed by the coaches of Manchester United. Then the “red devils” came to Portugal for the training camp and lost the match against Sporting. The victory for his team was largely ensured by Cristiano, and this was appreciated.

In 2003, Manchester United bought out a talented Portuguese, and it was in the English club that his potential was revealed in the best way.Cristiano scored one goal after another, delight the fans. Sport has become his life’s work and brought worldwide fame.

Moreover, nature itself has endowed the talented striker with everything necessary for success in football. Technique, high height, amazing speed — Ronaldo’s clear trump cards, which provide him with excellent results on the field.

Cristiano did not let his beloved club down, and in 2007 he was even named the best young football player in England. Indeed, thanks largely to his talent, Manchester United became the Premier League champion in 2007 and 2008.


In 2008, Cristiano was already the highest paid player of Manchester United, and also became the captain of his team. In the same season, he received the prize for the most beautiful goal among the Red Devils. In addition, the first Golden Ball and Golden Boot were among his awards. The title of the best football player in the world and the best player in the Champions League was also honorable.

It can be said unequivocally that since 2008 the star of the talented Portuguese has shone with all its might. Over the next few years, he received all the awards that a footballer can have in England, but did not stop there.

In 2009, the athlete moved to Real Madrid. As part of this club, he spent the next 9 years and became the highest paid football player in the world. In addition, Ronaldo still holds the proud title of the best player in the history of Real.

Sports analysts note that the Portuguese game is very diverse. He is excellent at both the attacking midfielder and the center forward position. Moreover, the player is equally good at hitting the ball with both feet.

Largely due to these qualities, Ronaldo won many awards in the Spanish club:

  • four victories in the League Champions;
  • twice winner of the UEFA Super Cup;
  • winner of the Club World Cup;
  • two-time champion of Spain, etc.

If the Portuguese became a diamond in Manchester United, then he got a cut and turned into a real diamond.


Now Cristiano plays for the Portuguese national team and FC Juventus, where he moved in 2018 by his own decision. One of the most significant achievements of the footballer in recent years was the title of European champion, which the Portuguese team received in 2016.

Let the Portuguese play in Juventus recently, but it is largely thanks to him that the club becomes two seasons in a row champion of Italy. In addition, he won the Italian Super Cup in 2018.

At the moment, Cristiano is also considered the highest scoring Portuguese footballer in the history of the Italian championships.


The list of personal achievements of Ronaldo is incredibly huge.Cristiano was the first European footballer to win the Ballon d’Or 5 times and was the first in history to receive 4 Golden Boots. He also has many personal records:

  • the most goals in the history of the Champions League;
  • the top scorer of the Club World Championship;
  • the undisputed leader in goals in the history of the European Championship;
  • The record holder for the most goals in a single season in the Champions League and the European Cup (17 goals).

He has scored more than 800 goals in entire professional Ronaldo’s career, but apparently this is not the limit for Ronaldo.


Cristiano rightfully bears the proud title of one of the best footballers in history. Over the years of his career, Ronaldo changed several clubs, but became the only footballer who won the championships of England, Spain and Italy.

In total, the Portuguese has about three dozen trophies, including seven championship titles in national competitions , first place in the European Championship and 5 Champions League cups. And in the personal museum of the football player there are more than three hundred awards and medals.

Cristiano Ronaldo is rightfully proud of all Portuguese, from young to old. Many young athletes around the world wear T-shirts with his name and number. Ronaldo’s example is truly inspiring, and since professional Ronaldo’s career is not over, we hope that he will continue to delight his fans in the future.

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